Hospitalization and Medical Care

Hospitalization and Medical Care

Pets are like family!

At Winrock Animal Clinic we strive to provide the best quality medical care for your pet. We hope your pet will never need to be hospitalized; however if he or she does become ill, Winrock is ready!

We have separate treatment areas for sick animals so they can be monitored closely. We also have an isolation room with its own ventilation for those pets which are contagious.

We are prepared to perform in-house lab testing and x-rays to help diagnose your pet. We are able to place, set, and maintain IV catheters on critically ill or dehydrated pets.

We even have oxygen available for pets in need of support and can give breathing treatments directly to pets in respiratory crisis.

Should your pet need more aggressive care or 24 hour care, we would refer you to Gulf Coast Internal Medicine and Critical Care. They have 24 hour support for critically ill patients.   


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