Time for Vaccines? Don’t Worry.

Pets are like family!

Remember that vaccines are an important part of keeping your pet healthy and protected from serious illness. You should always follow your Veterinarian's vaccine protocol.

If you have concerns about vaccinating your pet, talk to the Veterinarian on duty. Sometimes blood test (Vaccine Titer Tests) can be done to test your pet's protective immunity.

Many vaccinations are available for your pet's protection. At Winrock, we recommend your pet be vaccinated for....

Canine:  Bordetella Leptosporosis Rabies Distemper Parvo Influenza
Feline:  FVRCP Rabies Leukemia

Toy breeds need shots.

All dog breeds need vaccinations. Be sure to discuss your pet’s lifestyle with the Veterinarian to determine which vaccines are important for your pet.

Be sure to bring in your new kitten

Most people know that puppies require multiple sets of vaccines. Well, so do kittens!

Adult Indoor cats are often forgotten, but they need vaccines.

The indoor cat population is the most overlooked group when it comes to vaccines. Ask the Veterinarian which vaccines are important to protect your cat and keep them healthy.

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